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    10 Gardening Tips for Those with a Green Thumb

    Spring is upon us here in Lake Charles, making this the perfect time to start planting! Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just like to get your hands dirty, it’s great to have a few gardening tips to help you grow healthy plants. So get outside, play in the dirt, absorb some sunshine, and try out the following:

    1. Know your area. It’s important before you start planting to know that not everything grows everywhere. Where you live can have a lot to do with what you plant. Pay attention to the characteristics of your garden area—from sun exposure to the climate. Check out your local garden center to see what the best native plants are for your region.

    2. Test your soil. Don’t panic — testing your soil is easier than you think. Bring in a sample of your soil to your local nursery to get a thorough reading of your soil’s pH and nutrient levels. You can also get an at-home testing kit at most home repair/gardening stores.

    3. Plant flowers in wide beds. Planting your flowers in beds as tightly as possible conserves water and cuts down on weeding. Also, as the layers of organic matter piles up, your soil will become rich with nutrients giving your plants what they need to blossom.

    4. Mulch the beds. Mulching your flower beds helps protect your plants from soil-borne diseases, conserves water, and moderates temperature.

    5. Create your own weed killer. You can safely get rid of your weeds by using these three combined everyday household ingredients: one gallon of white vinegar, one cup of table salt, and one tablespoon of liquid dawn dish soap.

    6. Pinch your herbs. Pinching off the upper portions of the stems of your herb plants encourages new leaf growth. When you do this, a signal is sent to the leaf buds that are dormant setting into motion their natural instinct to stay alive and multiply.

    7. Fertilize your plants. Vegetable cooking water has a great deal of nutrients that your garden will thrive on. After the water cools down, use it to “fertilize” your potted plants or garden. This will help you have a happy green garden!

    8. Protect your bulbs. If you’re sick and tired of creatures munching on your just planted flower bulbs, stake a net over the flower bed. When spring comes, just cut holes in the cloth or remove the mesh and let the plants grow through.

    9. Take care of your root-bound plants. Sometimes when you buy a potted plant, it is root-bound — meaning the roots run out of room to grow in the pot. This causes the roots to form tight circles in the pot preventing essential nutrients and water from reaching the leaves and the rest of the plant. To fix this, use your fingers to gently guide the roots.

    10. Start with something easy. A fun introduction into gardening is to grow vegetables. It’s a fun way to try out your green thumb, and it doesn’t take long for them to flourish. Sunflowers are another great option, as they grow tall quickly.

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