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    21 Reasons to Love Lake Charles

    When you're looking for some Southern hospitality, Lake Charles is the place to be. This charming town has grown into a full-blown city with countless reasons to love it with each daily activity. Take a moment to ponder all of the 21 reasons why you should love Lake Charles. You'll become a fan of the city with just one visit.

    1. Take a Hike
    Numerous trails, parks and gardens dot the Lake Charles area. Grab a nature map, and explore an area as you rise early in the morning. Listen to the birds as the wind blows softly through the trees.

    2. Hit the Links
    If you like to golf, there are several courses to choose from. Both amateur and professional golfers are welcome in Lake Charles so you can enjoy the outdoors as you improve your game.

    3. Gaming Fun
    Whether it's day or night, explore the Isle of Capri® Lake Charles, where all your gaming needs can be fulfilled. From cards to slots, you won't want to leave anytime soon.

    4. Friendly Restaurants
    After gaming, you'll have an appetite that wants to be satisfied. Walk over to the nearby restaurants, and sink your teeth into some delectable foods. Both local and exotic fare can be found at the Isle of Capri.

    5. Museum Pride
    Lake Charles is home to a many museums and art galleries. Explore the local art and cultural museums found within the city, and you'll experience Louisiana's best artistry.

    6. Camp Out
    Whether you're in an RV or basic tent, there's a place for you in Lake Charles. In fact, there are several camping sites to choose from. Be the first to greet the sunrise as you park your RV in a favorite spot.

    7. Local Flavors
    From seafood to pork, there are countless native Louisiana dishes. You can spend several weeks just exploring the food options in Lake Charles alone. Look up the Isle of Capri's restaurant listings, and you'll have a grand meal every day of the week.

    8. Unique Weather Patterns
    If weather is fascinating to you, Lake Charles is the place to be. The humidity levels will often rise to the level of creating distinct clouds along the streets and walkways.

    9. Discover the Architecture
    The eclectic forefathers of the Lake Charles area had no rules for their architecture, which makes this area a goldmine for those who appreciate homes, buildings and other structures. Gaze at amazing porches and other details as you walk down the city streets.

    10. Mardi Gras Fever
    You aren't limited to just one city for your Mardi Gras excitement. Lake Charles draws in crowds of about over 150,000 people during this celebration. Get the party started with locals who know how to enjoy this early spring tradition.

    11. The Artistic Community
    Painters, sculptors and other artists may not be on the streets of Lake Charles, but you can find them in their studios by day or night. Explore the artistry of this area, and you'll want to try your own hand at some artwork.

    12. Explore the Nightlife
    From pubs and gaming, to live music and dancing, Lake Charles is full of nightlife you won't want to miss. There's something for everyone—choose your pleasure and fulfill it in this grand region.

    13. Try Out Some Paintball
    If you've ever been curious about the paintball sport, get educated in Lake Charles. Wide-open spaces allow you to learn this sport without being disqualified in a matter of seconds.

    14. Get Back to Basics
    Sit out by the water at one of the parks and simply contemplate life. Getting back to basics is easy in Lake Charles because of its natural beauty and quiet beaches.

    15. Art Under Your Feet
    When you're ready to explore the city again, look for the local streets with art as sidewalks. These colorful displays will keep you interested and fit as you continue down the road.

    16. USS Orleck Naval Museum
    Although the ocean isn't nearby, you can still explore a national treasure at the USS Orleck in Lake Charles. This historic museum features the USS Orleck, a destroyer which served from WWII though the time of the Vietnam War.

    17. Hidden Book Stores
    When you're a reader, you want a bookstore with some personality. Some of the oldest bookstores are found in Lake Charles. Look for those small boutiques; they'll keep you busy for hours.

    18. Choo-Choo Fun
    Spend time at the DeQuincy Railroad Museum. This regional treasure gives you a glimpse of this transportation marvel through the years.

    19. Tap Your Feet to the Local Parades
    Several times a year, Lake Charles has parades for almost any occasion. Look up the festivities when you arrive, and you can tap your feet to the beat.

    20. Farmer's Markets Practically Around Every Corner
    Lake Charles is proud to support local businesses, especially when it comes to food stores. Take a look at the wide variety of produce and meats as you explore various markets.

    21. Enjoy the Ballet
    The ballet thrives in Lake Charles, so make it a goal to see a performance. Buy your tickets early because they can sell out very quickly.

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