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    5 Easy Recipes For All That Leftover Turkey

    For many of us, the Thanksgiving menu is all about the bird. While our preferred side dishes often vary, most of us will be pulling up a seat at the table with a roasted, grilled or fried turkey as its mouthwatering centerpiece. If you've hosted a Thanksgiving meal before, you know that turkey leftovers are as traditional as the main course itself. This year, you don't have to settle for ho-hum leftover sandwiches; instead, you can enjoy some (or all) of these delicious recipes that that will breathe new life into that pile of poultry in your fridge!

    Spicy Rice and Turkey With Chorizo
    After indulging in stuffing and sweet potato casserole, you may be ready for a different kind of carb with your bird – rice is the perfect alternative. The chorizo adds a zesty zip and, when combined with tomatoes, peas and rice, you won't even remember that this was the same turkey at your holiday meal. Check out the rest of the recipe here.

    Cheddar Turkey Casserole
    If you have family staying for the weekend, this casserole will help you feed the crowd a second time. Chock full of mixed veggies, pasta and almonds, this dish is a perfect comfort meal for a chilly November evening. Click here for more info.

    Black Bean and Pumpkin Chili
    After making a holiday feast, most of us want to put our meal prep on autopilot for the rest of the long weekend. Enter the slow cooker. You'll have to sauté up some peppers, onion and garlic – then simply toss everything into the crockpot and forget it until you're ready to eat.

    Club Style Turkey Enchiladas
    All you'll need is about a cup and a half of leftover bird to create this delectable dish. When combined with other scrumptious ingredients such as corn tortillas, bacon and shredded Swiss cheese, your whole family will clamor back to the table to share another meal together. Here's everything you'll need to know to make it happen.

    Turkey Samosas
    These samosas are a great way to enjoy leftovers in a small-plate snack. Best of all, you can also use those leftover potatoes and even store bought pie crust along with the turkey in this four-ingredient dish.

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