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    5 Grilling Hacks to Use this Summer

    July 17, 2017

    If you want to be known in the neighborhood as the grill master, you have to up your game. Take some tips from the pros and learn how to create delicious foods for everyone. Here are five grilling hacks to help you get started earning the title of master!

    1. Don’t Fight with the Vegetables

    Many people love the taste of grilled vegetables, but they don’t like to do the work. While it seems like something that should be easy, grilling vegetables can be quite the challenge. As they cook, you’ll discover that some of the vegetables fall through the cracks of the grill. You can prevent this problem by using a disposable pan to put your veggies in. Chop them up, which will help them cook faster, too. Cover the pan and let it sit on the grill for about 15 minutes.

    2. Enjoy Juicy Meat Every Time

    One of the problems with grilling is overdone, dry meat. You can prevent this issue with a spray bottle on hand. Just squirt the spray bottle of water on the meat to keep it from drying out. If you’re cooking pork, replace the water with apple juice to add a little extra sweet flavor.

    3. Know How to Prepare

    As it’s said about many things, the key is being prepared. This fact is also true with grilling. When you know how to do the prep for meat, or even your grilled vegetables, the results will be amazing. Learn how to marinate each cut of meat to bring out the best flavor or to spice things up. Brining is also a good option instead of marinating for meat, especially chicken.

    4. Add Herbs

    Some grillers refuse to add any other seasoning to their grilled food because they want the grilled flavor to stand out. However, herbs enhance any meat. Just make sure you know which herbs go best with which meats. Also, make sure you know about grilling flavors and using different types of wood to create a unique flavor. For instance, hickory wood or apple wood chips are ideal with pork.

    5. Know How to Clean the Grill

    One of the reasons people don’t grill more often is because they have to clean the grill from the last time before using. While this sounds like a major task, it doesn’t have to be. Use a piece of aluminum foil rolled up in a ball. Just wipe it along the grill. You can also use a piece of onion, which will break down much of the residue on the grill, making it easier to remove.

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