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    5 Reasons Why We Love Bag of Donuts (And You Will Too!)

    Summer is almost here, bringing with it the highly anticipated annual summer concert season. When putting together your personal list of must-see Louisiana concerts, be sure to make a Bag of Donuts show one of your top priorities. This talented, bold and lively cover band has played for over 25 years to music lovers of all ages and tastes, making them a great go-to event for you and yours this season.

    Five reasons you won't want to miss Bag of Donuts this summer include:

    1. Louisiana Natives

    If you're from here, you already know firsthand that no one does music better than our local artists. All four Bag of Donuts band members hail directly from New Orleans. Checking out a show means supporting and enjoying some of our many homegrown entertainers.

    2. Authentic New Orleans Flair

    The band wants fans to feel that "it's like Mardi Gras all year long" at one of their shows. Anyone who has seen BOD live knows these musicians truly live up to this mantra. Bandmates hit the stage wearing kabuki makeup and extravagant costumes, allowing concertgoers to instantly enjoy a little Bourbon Street flair anywhere.

    3. Wide Range of Musical Genres

    If you think Bag of Donuts rests on theatrical face paint and flamboyant attire alone, think again. This band has a proven reputation for musical skill and ability that resonates with lovers of every musical genre. In a style they have personally dubbed, "Superpop," you'll hear popular songs of every style, and from every genre, throughout their show.

    4. Audience Engagement

    A Bag of Donuts concert is truly an interactive and complete sensory experience. Every glitzy performance offers extravagant visual engagement with lighting and sets. Also, the band members demonstrate ultimate showmanship, interacting with audience members and allowing the crowd to transcend beyond mere spectator to actual event participant.

    5. Bag of Donuts Is Fun

    Most importantly, checking out a BOD show ensures a fun few hours for virtually everyone in your crew. Finding a universally exciting musical event for any sized gathering is hard, especially when everyone has a personal opinion on what registers on the personal entertainment meter. A Bag of Donuts show truly offers something for everyone, essentially eliminating planning guesswork and stress for you.

    Get Your Bag of Donuts Summer Fix at Isle of Capri Lake Charles

    Celebrate America's Independence Day with a Bag of Donuts concert! The band will play at Isle of Capri Lake Charles on July 4, 2016. This free show is held on top of our third floor outdoor deck, overlooking the water and downtown region. The show starts at 8 p.m. Arrive early to get a great view of the evening's fireworks display which goes off during the show's intermission. Once the fireworks conclude, Bag of Donuts hits the stage again for a thrilling second act!


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