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    5 Unique Thanksgiving Recipes to Try

    November 21, 2017

    After years of the traditional Thanksgiving fare, you might be ready to try something new and unique for the holiday. You can utilize the ingredients you already expect to find at the table to provide an exciting meal. Here are five recipes to try that are sure to make your Thanksgiving dinner unforgettable.


    Mayonnaise Roasted Turkey

    Out with the dry, boring turkey. In with the flavorful, juicy bird. This recipe will give new life to your main course. You couldn’t ask for an easier baste than herbs and mayonnaise. And you don’t have to worry - it doesn’t taste like mayonnaise. All you taste is good.


    Mashed Potato Casserole

    If you’re ready to take your plain mashed potatoes to the next level, whip up this casserole for your guests. It’s topped with cheese and bacon and will melt in your mouth. Also, there’s a bonus to this dish...you can make it the day before and avoid the last-minute meal rush! Try the mashed potato casserole for Thanksgiving, and it might turn into a main entrée for another meal.


    Sweet Corn Spoonbread

    Another modern take on an old-fashioned recipe, this sweet corn spoonbread will make your mouth water. You’ll use three types of corn for full flavor along with sour cream to give it a rich taste. Jiffy® Corn Muffin Mix helps make it an easy recipe to put together, and yogurt is one of the secret weapons responsible for creaminess. With side dishes like this, the turkey may not steal the show.


    Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Honey Dip

    Combine your side dish with dessert when you serve this fabulous sweet potato recipe. The secret ingredient is Greek yogurt, which enhances the flavor in all the right ways. The marinade is a combination of honey, cinnamon and coconut oil. The coconut won’t be too overpowering. You’ll only taste a slight sweetness that enhances the cinnamon flavor.


    Cranberry Ice Cream

    Serve your cranberries as dessert with this delicious recipe. Tart and sweet come together for a wonderful finish to your Thanksgiving dinner. Serve it on pie for the perfect finale. It only takes a few minutes to put together and it can be made a few days before. The amount of sugar you add will determine how tart or sweet the result is.


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