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    5 Ways Having Fun Keeps You Young

    Ponce de Leon had it wrong — the fountain of youth wasn’t in some hidden Florida swamp riddled with ‘gators and mosquitos.

    For most adults, the secret to feeling younger and more alive is as simple as finding ways to have fun. It’s true! Research has shown fun is the key to staying young, and here are 5 ways having fun with us at Isle of Capri® Lake Charles can keep you vibrant:

    Brain Health
    Research has proven challenging your brain with puzzles, games and other forms of fun helps prevent memory problems and strengthens brain connections. In addition, fun activities release hormones which help stave off depression, an affliction affecting a large number of older adults. Cognitive function is vulnerable as we age and the only way to retain it is to keep our brains young through healthy diet, adequate sleep and brain stimulation, including good, old-fashioned fun.

    Healthy Connections
    Friends and family keep you young, it’s as simple as that. Social interaction like the activities and events sponsored by 50+ Club make it easy for you to treat old friends to a great evening of games, entertainment and good food. Besides, you’re more likely to meet people you share similar interests and hobbies with at our functions. Relationships add a quality to life which can’t be replicated with television or social media, and a night out with friends is a great way to celebrate friendships old and new.

    Increased Creativity
    Creativity keeps us vibrant and interesting. Letting your hair down now and then on a weeknight opens the door for those creative vibes to flow through. The positive mood that goes along with having fun opens pathways in your brain which increase problem solving and new ideas. Go on and celebrate your inner Picasso at Isle of Capri Lake Charles with a night of food and fun with likeminded creatives!

    Relieves Stress
    Stress is a major contributor to premature brain aging, essentially making your brain work harder and harder to negate the side effects stress hormones wreak on your grey matter.
    But fun? Fun releases different hormones in your brain that counteract the damage caused by stress. In fact, endorphins, the product of joy and fun, have been shown to even temporarily reduce body pain — there’s no excuse now not to let loose and enjoy the Monday night DJ offered by 50+ Club.

    Endless Energy
    Aging takes its toll on a lot of our body’s functions, but nothing takes a hit quite like our energy levels. If 6 p.m. bedtimes have you singing the blues, take heart. Fun on a regular basis boosts your energy levels and even sends your immune system soaring. That’s right, enjoyable activities actually help you fight off common infections like colds and fevers! Energy is a use-it-or-lose-it scenario. The more you get out in the world and have fun, the more energy you have — your cup is constantly refilled. Sit around too long and mope, and your cup loses a lot of its energy volume. Seems simple enough, right? Head out to Isle of Capri Lake Charles for our 50+ Club events and keep your energy cup overflowing!

    As a 50+ Club member you’ll enjoy discounts at Farmer’s Pick Buffet®, receive additional FanPlay®, and can dance the night away with our DJ!

    Getting out and about on a weekday is a great way to have a good time and avoid the crowds, as well as earning valuable discounts with your club membership.

    At Isle of Capri at Lake Charles, we take fun seriously and invite you to join us as part of the 50+ Club, where we live by the words “Play More, Be Happy!"


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