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    6 Ways to Beat the Heat

    It’s officially summertime. The thermometer is accelerating and pushing past 90, and the sun is blazing hot. We want you to enjoy the summer, so here are six cool ways to beat the heat.

    1. Cool Down with a Mist.
    Stock a spray bottle filled with water in the fridge. Squeeze the trigger in the heat of the day and refresh. The mist of water will evaporate nearly as quickly as it’s sprayed, and the cold water will get your blood pumping and your body cooled.

    2. Make and Take a Cold Pack.
    Creating a cold pack is simple. You'll only need a sock, rice and twine. Fill the sock with the rice, and tie it closed with the twine. Place the pack in the freezer for a couple of hours. The rice will hold the cold for a long period, because of its dense and starchy chemistry. You can take this pack outdoors with you, or slide it into your bed sheets at night. It’s a perfect cooling companion, for lounging on the front porch or resting on the deck at dusk.

    3. Stay Cool: Guzzle, Gulp, Swig
    Keep your body cooled by replacing the moisture you've lost. As your temperature rises, your body will begin to lose fluids through sweat. This moisture should be replaced through guzzling, gulping and taking a swig of fluids. Maintain your internal thermometer by drinking regularly throughout the day. Thirst is an alert that your body has lost water and is dehydrated. Drink before you get thirsty.

    4. Eat Light.
    Eat light, watery and refreshing foods. Eating heavy foods in hot weather will leave you tired and sluggish. Light foods will keep you hydrated, and will keep your body temperature down. Watermelon and cucumbers are perfect picnic foods, because of the high water content and cooling abilities. Peaches, pineapples and cool greens will keep you refreshed and full of energy.

    5. Dressing Light is Right.
    Light clothing will allow the sweat on your skin to evaporate quickly. Loose clothing will allow any breeze or cool air to flow through your clothing. Heavy clothing will stick to your skin, and the sweat won't be able to evaporate quickly. Evaporation is the body’s cooling system, so don't hinder it.

    6. Lose the Shoes.
    Flip off those shoes and slide into some flip-flops. Feet sweat in order to keep your temperature regulated. When your feet are bare, you're allowing the perspiration to evaporate. This will keep your body cooler.

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