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    8 Gifts That Are Sure to Wow This Holiday Season

    The holidays are here, which means gift giving is at its height. It means lots of happy, surprised faces, but also some stressful moments as you stand in a crowded store searching for the perfect gift. But we've got you covered. Some of the best gifts aren't expensive & stressful… they're thoughtful. Let us show you what we mean.

    1. Give Yourself
    This works especially well for friends with busy schedules, or for older friends with limited mobility. Make a coupon book of things you can do to help out. Some ideas include chores, cooking a meal, baby-sitting, and mowing the lawn. For a significant other, you can use the coupon book idea for massages, date nights, or the creative “You’re Right” pass!

    2. A Trip Down Memory Lane
    Put together a scrapbook or photo album of a special event. Frame a few favorite shots to hang on the wall. You can even organize old photos or spend time digitizing them. Your loved one will surely enjoy reliving all their favorite moments.

    3. Homemade Bath Products
    If your loved one deserves some pampering, gather some essential oils, sugar, and salt to make homemade scrubs and even lotions. There are plenty of recipes available online and everything you need should be at your local craft store.

    4. Appeal to a Loved One's Interest
    Does your niece love to knit, or your father love to collect coins? Look for special items that show that person you support his or her hobby. Buy a pair of antique knitting needles or luxurious yarn. Search second hand stores for items to add to collections or even beautiful containers to house them.

    5. Pay It Forward
    We know you’ve had this conversation: "What do you want this year?" "Nothing, I don't really need anything." It's the perfect opportunity to pay it forward! Make a charitable donation to something your loved one supports in her name. It'll be a meaningful gift that helps a good cause.

    6. The Stomach is the Way to Anyone's Heart
    You can't go wrong with giving food. Bake a batch of their favorite cookies and present them in a decorated tin. You can even build themed baskets, such as a brunch basket filled with jam, coffee, and pancake mix. The coffee or tea lover in your life is sure to enjoy a few bags of fresh beans or loose tea leaves, maybe alongside a new mug.

    7. A Day of Fun
    Experiences are more memorable than things, so why not plan some activities? You can take your uncle to the movies, then out for a meal. Bring your niece and nephew ice skating. Take your mom to afternoon tea at a swanky hotel. In a way, it's a gift for you, too.

    8. Get Crafty
    Put your crafting skills to work and make something. You can knit or sew together a blanket or scarf. If you're into wood working, build something for your loved one. Another option is stamping patterns onto linen for personalized pillow cases or tablecloths. For plant lovers, transplant a few succulents into beautiful containers. Getting creative will also help you de-stress, which is always needed!

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    Happy Holiday shopping, everyone!

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