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    Become a Karaoke Superstar!

    Karaoke can be an intimidating art. Many of us hesitate when it comes to singing in public. The idea of singing in front of dozens of strangers in a crowded bar can be totally nerve-wracking!

    Despite what you might think, however, karaoke doesn't need to be frightening. By practicing, relaxing, and letting go of those fears, anyone can learn to enjoy karaoke singing. Follow these simple tips and tricks to boost your confidence and improve your karaoke singing skills.

    Karaoke 101: How to Have Fun

    Karaoke should be an enjoyable experience for all involved. Even if you're not the best singer, you can enjoy your time singing on stage by following a few simple tricks.

    Know your stuff! A surefire way to improve your karaoke experience is by memorizing your karaoke songs ahead of time. Even though the lyrics will be displayed on a screen, you can savor the karaoke experience more by being prepared. Don't fret about remembering every word; Instead, pick a favorite song that you know fairly well. Be sure to pick something that falls roughly within your vocal range. Not all of us can sing like Freddie Mercury or Mariah Carey! Sing your selected songs at home a few times before your big night. A little practice will allow you to walk into the bar with confidence.

    Practice singing along with instrumental tracks. Singing karaoke isn't like singing along with your favorite tunes on the radio. Instead of singing a duet with your favorite artist, you'll be performing solo. To get used to hearing your own voice, practice singing along with instrumental versions of your favorite songs. You can find karaoke-style versions of many popular titles on YouTube. Most libraries include a catalog of instrumental tracks as well.

    Improve your vocal abilities. - Many people feel cursed by their "tone-deaf" singing voices. In reality, most individuals simply don't know the proper vocal techniques used by professional singers. Try using the video tutorials from expert voice coach Roger Burnley to work on your vocal range and other singing weaknesses. Improving your overall vocal ability will boost your confidence when it comes to karaoke singing!

    Bring an entourage. Contrary to what most people would imagine, karaoke is actually scarier when you have a smaller audience. If there are only five or six people in the bar, you'll feel the gaze of the audience more acutely than if there are forty or fifty attendees lounging around. Bring a few fun-loving friends with you to ensure that you'll have a supportive audience for your performance. The phrase "the more, the merrier" definitely applies to karaoke!

    Eat a little, drink a little. Everyone knows a guy who has sung karaoke while inebriated. Don't be that guy! Feel free to have a drink or two to loosen up, but don't get wasted before your performance. Be sure to eat a meal an hour or so before you sing, too. To be a good karaoke singer, you need to be comfortable and lucid.

    Watch others perform karaoke. If you've never been to a karaoke bar before, consider visiting one before your "big day." See how confident karaoke singers carry themselves on stage. Take note of songs that might be easy for you to sing, too. By watching others, you can better learn the "dos" and "don'ts" of karaoke performance.

    Don't over-think things. Karaoke should be fun! It isn't a work presentation, so don't treat it like one. Play around with your "stage presence" and let yourself relax and enjoy the moment. Dance a little, joke with your audience, and don't forget to laugh at yourself.

    Become a $5,000 Karaoke Superstar!

    Gator 99.5 FM, Lake Charles' Country Music Station, has been hosting a weekly karaoke contest each Wednesday at Isle of Capri® Lake Charles. For over a month, karaoke singers have been competing for three $100 prizes each week. The winners of the weekly contests will be featured in the Karaoke Semi-Finals at 8 p.m. on May 20. Be sure to visit the Caribbean Cove® at Isle of Capri Lake Charles to cheer on your favorite participants. You can learn a lot from these karaoke masters!

    Eight Semi-Final winners will advance to the Grand Finale of the Gator Country Rising Star Karaoke Contest. Visit the Caribbean Cove on the evening of May 27th to see who wins the incredible $5,000 grand prize!

    Discover the best karaoke singers in Westlake by attending the final rounds of the Gator Country Rising Star Karaoke Contest. By watching the Grand Finale and following these easy tips for karaoke confidence, you'll soon be wowing the crowds at karaoke bars, too! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook® to stay in the action and for the latest updates!


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