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    Bigger Isn't Always Better

    Whether you have always had a love for gambling and traditional casino games, or if you are tempted to visit a casino for the first time, Isle of Capri® Casino Hotel Lake Charles is the perfect choice! Although there may be other casinos nearby, there are plenty of reasons why Isle of Capri is the only real choice for our fans. Of course we will tell you what they are! Read on fans…

    Be Yourself
    When you choose to visit Isle of Capri Lake Charles you can be yourself, feel at home and downright relaxed! Some of our neighboring, larger casinos may have dress codes, but we say dress how you please when visiting us! We want you to feel at home and at ease and we know that might mean dressing up or dressing casually. Stay comfortable… but of course… no shirt, no shoes, no service (we have to draw the line somewhere).

    Get to Know Us!
    Regulars… yeah we have those, but we prefer to call them friends and family! Visiting Isle of Capri Lake Charles, you’ll get to know us as fast as we get to know you! We’ll have your seat warmed, your drink ready and a pat on the back coming your way. When you choose to visit us at Isle of Capri Lake Charles, we’ll remember you and your preferences, helping our staff to meet your needs every time. What better way to set you up for a successful gaming night!

    Save the Traffic Headaches
    Happiness is… not having to wait in hours of traffic to get in our door! With our newest casino neighbor open, you can expect a rush of traffic and plenty of headaches to boot for those headed that way. When you want to simply get to the casino without crowds, lines and traffic, Isle of Capri Lake Charles is the way to go!

    Take the time to come by and say hi. If we don’t already know you, then we can’t wait to meet you!
    Taking the time to visit Isle of Capri Lake Charles is a way for you to get more out of your time and money while also relaxing, unwinding and enjoying some of the most popular and classic casino games today. Whether you enjoy betting for fun or if you are interested in serious tournaments, visiting Isle of Capri Lake Charles is a way for you to get all of your casino needs out of the way without feeling overwhelmed, anxious or overcrowded at any time!
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