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    How to Have a Good Poker Face

    If you're going to play poker well at a place like the Isle of Capri® Lake Charles, then you have to have a good poker face. There are plenty of great promotions to take advantage of there, but the best players know that the most money's still made through solid play. Here are 6 steps for keeping a good poker face.

    1. Keep a calm demeanor.
    Perhaps the biggest key to keeping a poker face is to remain calm. Whether you're dealt pocket aces or you're trying to pull off a big bluff, you must keep your wits about you. Any player that is trying to read his opponent will recognize if you lose your cool. By keeping a calm demeanor, you can take away one of the biggest keys that an opponent will attempt to read.

    2. Keep talking to a minimum.
    When you're talking, you're giving away information in more than one way. Whether you're talking about the growing bad beat jackpot at Isle of Capri or you're just making small talk, you reveal more than just your words. In addition, you reveal your tone. When people get excited or nervous, they tend to talk faster, and their pitch tends to go up. These are factors that will be reflected to your opponents. Unfortunately it is very difficult to control these things, since most of them happen in the subconscious realm. The better option, then, is to keep quiet. The poker won't be quite as much fun, but you'll have a better chance of winning in the end.

    3. Consistency in apathy.
    Many players find that one of the best ways to maintain their poker face is to have a plan for when they look at their cards. No matter what your approach is, when you check your cards, you should do it exactly the same way each time. Once you get into a routine, it will be much easier for you to remain apathetic. People who care too much about their hole cards will demonstrate emotion, either in a good way or a bad way. If you can develop a consistent and detached approach, then you'll have a better chance of playing well against your opponents in the end.

    4. Always look at both cards at the same time.
    When the cards are being dealt, you might be tempted to look at the first card before the second one comes. This is more than just a sign of impatience. It's also an opportunity to reveal more information to your opponents. If you look at your cards one at a time, you'll have to hide your emotions twice. If you can demonstrate some patience and only look at the cards once, then you'll only have to hide your reaction a single time. This makes things easier and reduces the opportunity for your opponent to gain important information about the strength of your hand.

    5. Don't feel the need to reveal your wins.
    The best poker players will tell you that a major part of keeping a good poker face is not revealing information unless it's absolutely required. If you pull off that big bluff, you might be tempted to brag about it. You might even want to rub your opponent's face in it. This is a bad idea. You'll be much better off in the end if you can summon the power to simply muck your cards and play the next hand. Of course, there may be times when it makes sense to show your cards or reveal what you had in order to establish a table image. Most of the time, though, you'll benefit from not giving your opponents an inch. Resist the urge to brag when you find yourself in these moments.

    6. Avoid too much emotion when you lose.
    Any player who has spent time chasing the promotions at Isle of Capri understands that too much emotion can be a killer. If you find yourself too down over losing a single hand, then you run the risk of going into "tilt" mode. Tilt mode happens when a player loses his or her rationality after losing a big hand. It can lead you to chase your losses or to make bigger mistakes in subsequent hands. The best players know that this is a risk, and they try very hard to avoid these situations. You must come into any table with an understanding that you'll win some and lose some. When you have this kind of perspective, you'll be less prone to tilt or have other outbursts.

    Test out these guidelines in Isle of Capri’s Poker Room! Play your favorite live poker game from Texas Hold’em to Omaha at any of our eight tables, open seven days a week starting at 10:30am. But if you're going to have success in the poker room, then you have to keep your cool. Knowing how to maintain a proper poker face is the first step for any player today.

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