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    How to Take a Ski Trip for Free!

    Winter is coming! The colder weather has us curling up closer to loved ones and turning on the heat, but the thought of speeding down a mountain and seeing nature zip by speaks to the adventurous side in us. If you find yourself wanting some fun in the winter sun (and who doesn't?), enter to win the ski trip of a lifetime!

    A ski trip is one of the most fun and exciting adventures available to the modern weekend warrior. Breathing in fresh mountain air while taking in the endless beauty of the outdoors is exhilarating, but add to that the adrenaline of carving your way down a mountain on skis and it becomes clear that a ski trip makes for an unforgettable vacation.

    The cost of travel, lodging, and ski equipment rentals can quickly scare off the winter wonderland dreams! However, when it comes to having fun and the experience of a lifetime, the experts at the Isle of Capri® Casino Hotel Lake Charles have you covered. All it takes is entering the Hit the Slopes Giveaway this December!

    The Isle of Capri Casino® Lake Charles Hit the Slopes Giveaway
    It's easy to win with the Hit The Slopes Giveaway… chocked full of daily prizes!
    The giveaway runs every Friday and Saturday from December 5th through December 27th
    Swipe for your free giveaway entry at the kiosk from 10:00 AM to 10:59 PM
    Two lucky winners will be selected every hour from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM to receive $500 in FanPlay
    One grand prize winner will ski away with an epic ski resort vacation in the world-renowned winter playground of Breckenridge, Color
    As a special bonus, giveaway participants will earn extra entries on drawing days

    When the weather is snowy and the jackets people wear are decidedly puffy...you know the ski resort is where you want to be. Even for people who don't ski, a ski vacation can still make for a fantastic getaway.

    Fun Activities to Do Around The Ski Resort
    Drinking hot chocolate by the fire. A classic treat in a classy environment. It's an activity captured by many holiday movies because, well, it's amazingly enjoyable.
    Grabbing a bite to eat in the ski lodge restaurant. Ski resorts offer fine dining, comfort food, exotic treats, and more on their menus. Bring some extra money along to splurge on a meal that will expand your taste buds.
    Rent a snowmobile. Getting some motorized transport to go farther and faster around the resort's natural beauty.
    Visit the resort's spa. Unwind and relax while others get sweaty and tired. Enjoy a massage, a hot mineral soak, or a beauty treatment and bask in the bliss of the moment.
    Shop 'til you drop. Ski resorts are home to a wide range of shops, ranging from upscale designer clothing boutiques to local non-profit art galleries to independent artisan jewelers. There is a shop to suit anyone's interests while they enjoy a rest from the snow and the wait for the chairlift.

    Even for those who dare not brave the cold, the snow, the mountain, or the equipment rental stand, there is still a fabulous experience waiting for the grand prize winner of the Hit the Slopes Giveaway!

    This is a limited time offer! Event runs from December 5th through December 27th
    There are chances every day to win prizes! Daily winners receive $500 in FanPlay!
    Grand Prize: A ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado!
    On drawing days, participants earn EXTRA entries!

    Don't hesitate and miss this amazing opportunity to enter the Hit the Slopes Giveaway! Come see us soon and play for your chance to win a free ski vacation this winter!
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