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    Seven Reasons to Visit Lake Charles

    One of Louisiana's best kept secrets is the beautiful city of Lake Charles. Complete with a scenic downtown and amazing crystal white sandy beach, Lake Charles is the ideal venue for fun in the sun and good family times. Come and experience all that historic Lake Charles has to offer. Here are some of the key highlights around the city:

    Sam Houston Jones State Park - One of the largest and oldest parks in the area, featuring more than 1,080 acres of scenic lakes, trees, streams and rivers, and incredible views. Sam Houston Jones State Park

    Charpentier Historic District - Want a change of pace from the crazy New Orleans party scene? Make the most of your trip by slowing it down a notch and taking the time to simply enjoy the local scenery at a more leisurely pace, at the Charpentier Historic District. The word "charpentier" is actually French for "carpenter" and is appropriate for all the unique architecture that the area offers. Block after block of historic Victorian mansions and homes are accompanied by diverse galleries and interesting museums.

    Nightlife and Casinos - Want to turn up the heat and take a walk on the wild side? Although Lake Charles doesn't have the level of nightlife of New Orleans, it does have some other fun nightlife options including a good selection of various bars and restaurants along with a few well-designed and exciting casinos such as the lively Isle of Capri Casino Hotel.

    Bord Du Lac Park - Located on Lake Charles north shore, Bord Du Lac Park is the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll with family and friends. The lake views are spectacular to say the least and can be seen from virtually every direction while in the park. Common things to do are walking, hiking, biking, and just relaxing. It's a no frills atmosphere and a wonderful place to revisit the beauty that only nature can provide.

    Museum of the Gulf Coast - Fragments of history from ancient primitive times to today's pop culture surrounding the gulf, the Museum of the Gulf Coast is a creative and fun place for every member of the family to visit. The museum is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon getting acquainted with the vast historical significance of the area that made a difference throughout history.

    USS Orleck Naval Museum - Step aboard the historic USS Orleck for a very interesting way to learn about the rich military history of the area. The USS Orleck honorably served to protect our nation in both the Vietnam and Korean War. The naval vessel suffered a huge beating from Hurricane Rita, but eventually made its way to beautiful Lake Charles.

    Mardi Gras Museum of Imperial Calcasieu - Lake Charles plays host to the second largest celebration for Mardi Gras. Always in competition for the largest parade, Lake Charles boasts the biggest selection of Mardi Gras memorabilia throughout the world. Quite often, the tour is guided by former parade kings and queens. Larger than life, bright, bold costumes, flood the museum in addition to the design details of this truly spectacular production.

    Visiting Lake Charles can be both fun and relaxing! With the array of activities, nightlife, and history - it may be the best trip you'll ever take!
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