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    Six Slot Tournament Tips to Help You Up Your Game

    October is a big month around Lake Charles. Crisp air, fall festivals, Halloween parties and, for the competitive gamers amongst us, we’re hosting our $20,000 Spooktacular Slot Tournament! Held Sundays starting October 2 through October 23, the tournament offers gamers a FREE opportunity to play and win with us.

    So, you better get prepared! Follow these tips to make the most of your time in our Spooktacular Slot Tournament.

    Rest and Relax
    Many people underestimate the physical and mental fortitude needed for gaming success. Slot tournaments require fast response, patience, focus and endurance. Get plenty of rest and stay well hydrated before the competition so you arrive ready to do your best.

    Keep Your Finger on the Button
    Speed can play a major role in a slot tournament’s outcome. Don't waste precious moments getting your hand to the slot button; throughout play, keep your finger planted on the spin indicator at all times so you can quickly react when it's time for a new game.

    Don't Waste Credits
    All too often, gamers end a slot tournament with unused credits; this can prove a critical misstep. Make it your mission to use all your credits during the allotted amount of time. Unused credits can directly translate into lost money.

    Celebrate After it's Over
    Yes, a slot tournament at Isle of Capri® is exciting. It's human nature to want to celebrate every time you hit it big on an individual spin. However, performing your personal victory dance after a great roll can waste precious moments and break your concentration. Stay focused on the task at hand (or finger) until the game is over.

    Tame the Urge to Checkout the Comp
    Personal victories aren't the only things that can disrupt your focus during the competition. Many gamers struggle to fight the urge to check out their competitor’s efforts. You will have plenty of time post-competition to see how everyone else did; stay in the zone during game time to keep spinning and increasing your score.

    Have Fun
    Of course, no competition is worth participating in if you're not having fun! The Spooktacular Slot Tournament is no exception. Come ready to play hard and then enjoy yourself during the rest of your time at our state-of-the-art casino. Modern games, delicious onsite restaurants and live entertainment – we truly do have it all here at Isle of Capri!
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