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    Spring Time in Lake Charles

    Looking for activity and excitement after enduring the long cold winter? A trip to Lake Charles in Louisiana is the perfect remedy for getting rid of the winter blues. There are plenty of exciting activities, events, performances and exclusive opportunities for visitors during the beautiful springtime in Lake Charles when visiting at the Isle of Capri®.

    The state of Louisiana is host to an alluring variety of native species of animals, plants, flowers and trees. Visitors can spot indigenous creatures such as the red fox and armadillos. Migrating birds such as the Great Egret, Brown Pelican, and the Great Blue Heron take advantage of the fishing in Lake Charles and are often seen chasing their dinners in the shallows. A Barred Owl or an Osprey may be seen diving to capture their dinners. For an audible experience, the songbirds are always ready to give a performance to those who care to listen.

    The plants and trees that can only be found in the Lake Charles area of Louisiana are classified as hydrophytics. They aren't able to absorb oxygen through their roots, therefore cypress trees have evolved "knees" that rise above the water level. These trees also develop a growth of moss that hangs majestically from the branches of these enormous trees. Giant water lilies float enormous leaves with huge fragile flowers on the top of the water for a truly unforgettable visual experience.

    To get the most out of the beauty that springtime brings to Lake Charles, visitors may be interested in enjoying a picnic lunch, taking a relaxing boat ride, doing some fishing, or going on a trip along a walking or biking nature trail. Take a tip from the locals and enjoy Lake Charles and all that it has to offer.

    Although spending time with nature is a peaceful and zen experience, Lake Charles has much more to offer its visitors. There are a number of activities happening in April and May at the Isle of Capri and around Lake Charles in which visitors can partake.

    April/May 2015: Isle of Capri Casino Hotel®
    During the months of April and May, the casino offers visitors a number of incentives and specials when they play at the casino. Available springtime offers include a $280,000 Emoticon Match, Mega Spins, Sip & Dip Fiesta and May Day FanPlay. There are exclusive offers for seniors over 50, jackpot drawings, and free chances to win cash and prizes each day. New promotions and giveaways are available daily and change throughout the season. This gives visitors the perfect reason to visit again and again.

    In downtown Lake Charles, there will be an art walk and battle of talents. The restaurants, bars and cafés will be instantly transformed into art galleries. Live music, light refreshments, original works of art, and a laid-back stroll through the streets of Lake Charles is a great way to take in the man-made beauty of the area at your own pace.

    Reconstructed and authentic pirate ships are utilized during this live performance recreation of the story of Jean Lafitte and his buried treasure. This two-week festival has music, fireworks, cannons, carnival rides, games, and a host of other family oriented activities. Take the trip to Lake Charles if you "arr" ready to take on the scurvy dogs of the sea.

    Rapides Parish is host to a heated competition between dragon boat teams of these elaborately decorated boats. This festival event is organized by the Alexandria Museum of Art and it has over 80,000 participants across the world. The sport of boat racing is a unique visual delight to lovers of the water and water competitions.

    Planning a trip for the spring time to get your batteries recharged after the long winter doesn't have to involve elaborate plans to visit faraway lands. Louisiana, Lake Charles, and the Isle of Capri have something to offer everyone. Multiple exciting excursions await the visitors to the Isle of Capri. Fun, excitement, activities, nature and entertainment are all the reasons needed to book your getaway today!

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