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    The Best Crawfish Peeling Techniques

    Everyone seems to have their own tricks for peeling crawfish. No matter what your trick is, the end goal is to be efficient in getting the most succulent meat out of the mudbugs. We decided to list a few of our favorite ways! One thing to note, though: whatever crawfish peeling techniques you try, be prepared to get a little messy.

    ‘Keep in Minds’ For Any Crawfish Boil
    We suggest not wearing white or anything you'll feel bad to stain. Also, avoid touching your eyes while digging into the boil. There tends to be a lot of spice in a crawfish boil mixture and landing some of that in your eyes can ruin the experience.

    Finally, don't eat the dead crawfish, as in the crawfish that were dead prior to boiling. You can spot them by their tails: good crawfish have tightly curled tails, the dead ones have straight tails.

    Tried and True Style
    Here's a classic style that will get you through your first crawfish boil:

    1. Start by separating the tail from the head by holding the head in one hand and the tail in the other. Gently twist in opposite directions to separate.

    2. Before discarding, try the delicious liquid from the crawfish head. Some crawfish peeling techniques call for sucking out the juice while working on the tail meat, that way you're always eating something.

    3. Now it's time to work on the tail: gently squeeze the sides of the tail until the shell cracks. Carefully pick away the broken shell until enough meat is exposed for you to grasp. Gently pull the meat out. If it breaks, just pick away more of the shell until you can pull out the remaining meat.

    Speed Eater
    Of all the crawfish peeling techniques, this one lets you work the fastest… Let’s get started!

    1. Just like before, separate the head from the body. Start picking away on the first three segments of the shell. This is the toughest part of the crawfish so the meat should hold together nicely.

    2. For the tail, pull the flipper part upwards, against the curl. You'll hear a snap. Next, go ahead and suck the meat out; it's been loosened thanks to that snap.

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