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    Trick Pony - Back Together and Better than Ever

    Trick Pony, a country music group hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, has entertained fans across the south for a total of fourteen years. Sporting three complete albums and a compilation, they plan on bringing their act to the Isle of Capri Casino Lake Charles on Friday, July 18th at 9:00 pm.

    Trick Pony began as a trio in 1996. Lead guitarist Keith Burns helped bass guitarist Ira Dean to form the musical core that allowed Heidi Newfield to shine vocally. Initially, the band toured the southern U.S. to spread their musical vision. However, in 2001, they charged right out of the studio and into the country music scene with their self-titled debut album, featuring the hit singles "Pour Me", "On a Night like This", and "Just What I Do", all of which managed to break the top 15 of the U.S. country music charts. Just one year later, they followed up with the album "On a Mission", with "R.I.D.E" coming to fruition in 2005. Touring continued, though in 2006 Newfield left the band to pursue a solo career. Her replacement, Aubrey Collins, joined the band in 2007 and stayed until Trick Pony's disbanding in 2008. A year later, a compilation record of Trick Pony's work came out, entitled "The Best of Trick Pony".

    Five years passed, and none of the original members thought they would reunite. Newfield had her own solo album, "What Am I Waiting For". Burns formed a duo with Michelle Poe known as Burns & Poe. However, in 2013, each member of the band was individually asked to participate in a benefit concert in Boston. Before playing, the band met together to answer the obvious question: will Trick Pony reunite for this? Additionally, could there be a future for Trick Pony after this show?

    After a dinner spent reminiscing, they decided that each member of the band was in a similar creative space to do so, and that bringing the band back together was the best idea to make the music they wanted. After a year of deliberation and planning, the announcement was made earlier this year for Trick Pony to tour again as well as create new music. So far, the band has plans for tour dates through the beginning of October, although a new album has not been given any particular release date beyond 'later this year'. You can catch Trick Pony on July 18th at Isle of Capri Casino Lake Charles! Tickets are $15 with a Fan Club card, and $20 without.

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