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    What Your Favorite Table Game Says About You

    Everyone has a game of choice on the casino floor. But have you ever wondered what your favorite game says about you? Find out what your go-to game reveals about your personality. It might just surprise you!


    • Competitive
    • Outgoing
    • Calculating

    You are comfortable in all types of social situations and have strong analytical skills. You are extroverted, aggressive and enjoy using reasoning to climb your way to the top.

    Black Jack

    • Risk Taker
    • Extroverted
    • Lucky

    Taking risks is in your nature because you like to live life on the edge. You are talented at crunching numbers and creating successful strategies. Although you work for your success, some may call you lucky.


    • Driven
    • Introverted
    • Lone Wolf

    You enjoy being on your own, and do your best thinking when there aren’t others around. You are slightly superstitious and have certain numbers or habits that you consider lucky.


    • Social Butterfly
    • Traditional
    • Friendly

    With a charismatic personality like yours, you seem to always be the center of attention. You appreciate the classics and crave excitement in all you do.

    Slot Machines

    • Introverted
    • Laid back
    • Fun-loving

    You seek adventure and excitement, but dislike the drama that comes from big groups. That’s why you enjoy being on your own. You tend to trust your intuition over analytical thinking, and avoid high-risk situations. You have the best time when you’re relaxed and not in a rush.


    • Optimistic
    • Friendly
    • Trustworthy

    Fairness and equality are two of your highest values, and your kind-hearted nature means you’re often surrounded by friends. You have a positive outlook and like to believe that excitement can be had at any time.

    Whether you’re a sharp-witted poker enthusiast or prefer flying solo at the roulette table, Isle of Capri Casino® Lake Charles has just the games you’re looking for! With more than 35 action-packed tables, you’ll have plenty of exciting options to choose from.

    Some of our most popular table games include:

    • $5 Blackjack
    • 6 Deck Shoe Blackjack
    • Double Deck Pitch Blackjack
    • Single Deck Pitch Blackjack
    • Craps
    • EZ Bac Dragon 7 and Panda 8 Bonus
    • Let it Ride with 3 Card Bonus
    • Mississippi Stud Poker
    • Roulette
    • Three Card Poker
    • Texas Hold 'em Bonus

    Go with your longstanding favorite or try something new! No matter which game you choose, a great time is waiting for you at Isle of Capri Casino Lake Charles!


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