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    Why is the Staff Dancing?

    “Play More Be Happy™” is the new mantra at Isle of Capri®, and it's also a way of life at all Isle of Capri casinos. Part of our employee’s job is to make sure everyone is always having a great time, which is why we give our employees lots of reasons to be happy every single day. Happy people do happy things, and we’ve decided to catch some of it on camera!

    Around the country, and right here in Lake Charles, our staff have been practicing their happy dances! This led to a great idea: a dance-off to decide which employee has the best moves. To help narrow down the choices, we’re putting it to a vote!

    The Play More. Be Happy. Staff Dance-off is on!

    Employees at Isle of Capri loved the idea of duking it out to see who’s #1. They have filmed themselves and are ready to battle! This is where our guests come in. We’ll be bringing these videos to Facebook® and asking you to vote for your favorite!

    Here's how this dance-off is going to play out:

    There are two different phases of the Employee Happy Dance-Off. First, each property is going to pit its employees against one another to see who's got the best dance moves at each local casino. During the second phase, the stakes get even higher. The winners from each property battle will try to out-dance one another to settle the score once and for all: Which employee is going to take home that highly coveted crown? It's all up to the voters!

    Phase 1: The Property Battle

    The first phase of voting is the Property Battle, and is going down from May 21st to June 9th. That's when fans, followers, guests, friends, employees, and happy dance enthusiasts can vote for their favorite dance video from their local casino. Vote daily to help decide who will be crowned winner and move on to the next round of voting.

    Phase 2: The Enterprise Battle

    The second phase of the dance-off is where the competition gets fierce. The Company Wide Battle pits property against property to find out which employee will win the title of Ultimate Happy Dance-Off Champion! Voting for phase two is happening online from June 12th to June 30th. The winner of the Employee Happy Dance-Off competition will be announced in July.

    We keep doing what we do best: helping people play more and be happy. From guests to employees, we want everyone to be doing the happy dance all the time. We know how hard it is to sit still when you're having such a great time, so watch the videos, vote for your favorite, and learn some new happy dance moves to show off next time you're on the dance floor. As always, #PlayMoreBeHappy!


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