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    Win a NASCAR®-Themed John Deere Mower

    John Deere® riding lawn mowers and tractors have been compared to luxury automobiles in the field of agriculture, landscaping, and lawn mowing and care. Since 1837, Deere and Company® has been a leader in agriculture and lawn care with innovative, high quality equipment. Starting with John Deere’s simple plowshare in Decatur Illinois, the company is still going strong, meeting the needs of farmers, landscapers and homeowners. The distinctive green and yellow tractors and implements can been seen all over rural America and in the garages of millions of suburban homes.

    John Deere Riding Lawn Mowers

    According to many reviewers, riding mowers built by John Deere are considered to be among the very best in the industry. Five reasons for this distinction are the durability, comfort, ease of use, versatility and the number of model choices available for any terrain.

    Deere and Company has designed models for just about any job or terrain. Plus they come with loads of bells and whistles that will be sure to make you the envy of your lawn mowing neighbors. Cutting the grass may become a fun and even pleasurable experience, especially if your equipment has a NASCAR theme.

    Deere models range from simple personal riding lawn mowers to high-powered, 60-inch swath landscaping mowers. For durability, all models are built with high-strength welded-steel construction.

    Sales for riding lawn mowers and tractors have been growing. This is largely due to the aging population of the United States and the number of retirees who have found themselves caring for more than a half-acre of lawn space and an empty nest. To make the experience easier, John Deere Riding Lawn Mowers now feature a comfortable high-back seat, a soft ride, enhanced maneuverability, automatic transmission, power steering and, yes, even cruise control. Cup holders are available on several models.
    As for power, Deere Riding Lawn Mowers range from 17 to 25 horsepower, more than ample to handle any terrain. Most models come with a gasoline-powered engine, though there are some offered that use diesel. Several labor-saving accessories are available for each model including John Deere’s Edge Cutting System to give your lawn a uniform cut and appearance in harder-to-reach spots.

    How to Play

    At the Isle of Capri® Lake Charles, you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to enter the John Deere® 500 Giveaway promotion, which runs from June 5 to June 27. While the NASCAR-themed John Deere Riding Lawn Mower may not reach 200 mph in the straightaways, you can count on it being the slickest lawn tool on the block. And this beauty will help keep your lawn nicely groomed without requiring too many pit stops.

    Here’s how the John Deere 500 Giveaway promotion will work. On each Friday and Saturday in June, three winners will be selected every hour to race their “car” on a promo board to win prizes. The prizes will range from $200 in FanPlay® to the Grand Prize, a brand-new NASCAR-themed John Deere Riding Lawn Mower. Just imagine how your friends will react to your racecar-styled lawn mower! Don’t forget to keep up on all of the latest Lake Charles action on our Facebook and twitter pages.


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